English writings


Handle me my useless
Bother me and be amused
The glass of wine in your hand, finest kind, best brand

Drink or drop
Slow or fast
Breath or break

Either way
Your heart will pay

And there is more fine wine in the world than you can think of
Bother me and be amused  

I sacrifice my sins,
Not to see your grins,
Is it my destiny, to be seen as the foe?
How can I forget the day, that I woke up with your blow?

You may see it as a show,
‘cause you just want to glow,
This I can never know,
My role in your play,
Which makes you happy and gay,
Is the knight in the wood,
That fights against your good,
At night when you're crying,
I’m behind you spying,
Then I see the sword,
I pick it from the ground,
Suddenly you turn around,
The grin is nowhere to be found,
I sacrifice my last sin,
Not to see your last grin.
Space Race

My life is amusing
But times come that I'm loosing
So close, it's snoozing
I'm riding on a space ship
Where's the Martian?

My life is flowing
But stars aren't glowing
And I keep on rowing
I'm riding on a space ship
Where's the Martian?

These black holes are cunning
And black souls are sunning
I look away, keep running
I'm riding on a space ship
Where's the Martian?

Not cured, still curious
I laugh to be serious
There is nothing mysterious
I'm riding on a space ship
Where's the Martian?

Lady “time" passes by me
Seems grumpy to find me
It shouts to remind me

I’m feeling blue
I have no clue…
Of what’s heading my way
Flexible like clay
More and more everyday
Shape me as you may

A headache is all that is left for me,
It's a pity that I consumed all my happy days just for happiness,
But what else could I do?

The third option is crap!, But who cares?!?!
Maybe my headache does!
And I can't hate it.

And I still hope it's you...
That's going to believe me that day!
The stars will only light my way...
But they're no use...'cause you’re found in the dark!!
And I'm just bleeding for fun again!!
The more I try the lesser the pain!
Why the hell are you, you!!!
I want you to be HOPE!!